Aventura COO on The Future on E-commerce
May 28, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced companies across different industries to rethink and reinvent their strategies and adapt to a “new normal.”

Unsurprisingly, the retail sector has been particularly hard hit. With “brick and mortar” stores across the globe having been shut for months, the need for effective e-commerce operations and online marketing strategies has come to the fore.

How did China’s e-commerce sector develop during the pandemic and what opportunities have emerged in the wake of Covid-19? What about influencer marketing vs traditional tools of e-commerce sales and marketing? How, if at all, can these emerging channels and evolving tactics be applied in other markets?

Johan Aledal, COO of Aventura, was recently invited to moderate a fireside chat with Folke Engholm on these topics, entitled the Future of Influencer Marketing and E-commerce, organized by Viral Access and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong. The clip is accessible on https://bit.ly/3gpvqwh

On May 22, Johan also appeared in another webinar, China Cross-Border E-commerce: Routes to Market and Logistics Flow. Organized by the British Trade Council, the webinar covered key topics on marketing and logistics relating to cross-border e-commerce in China.

In a conversation with Kevin Rogers, President Sales & Marketing of Elanders Group, Johan discusses important steps to take before entering the China e-commerce space, digital marketing as it relates to Chinese consumers, tax and customs issues, as well as warehouse, logistic and payment options. A recording of the discussion is available on https://bit.ly/36DOS3Q