Expand the Influence of Influencers: Co-Founder and Managing Director Jeffery Wang, TicToc Ventures
July 30, 2021

This June, serial entrepreneur Jeffery Wang joined TicToc Ventures as Co-Founder and Managing Director. TicToc Ventures is a joint venture between China-focused brand and e-commerce accelerator Aventura and the luxury goods manufacturer Belton. Prior to joining, Jeffery had founded two successful companies in the AI and the entertainment industries. Before fully dedicating himself to entrepreneurship, he also held senior positions at iFlytek – world-leading Chinese AI company, and at Isobar – one of the global 4A’s advertising agencies.


TicToc Ventures is a one-stop incubator and accelerator for influencer brands.  The company aims to unleash the full market potential of influencers by helping them launch products and brands under their own names, attracting the attention of a younger generation of Chinese consumers.  Having full access to Aventura’s and Belton’s resources and industry expertise, TicToc Ventures creates a sustainable growth model by providing influencers one-stop integrated services that include financial planning, business and brand strategies, product design and development, marketing and e-commerce, community strategy, supply chain management, customer support and logistics.



“I am delighted to take on this new and exciting adventure with Aventura and Belton. Throughout all my experiences across different industries, I have been constantly looking for new brand narratives and business models for the next generation of consumers. Now, together with Aventura, which comes with great China market experience, and Belton, which has three generations of experience in luxury design and production, I believe we are in a strong position to create new possibilities for influencers.


“China’s new generation of consumers have different expectations for brands from the previous generations. Big brands with high price premiums investing a lot of money in star endorsement and expensive ad campaigns are becoming less attractive – young consumers want brands, products and key opinion leaders that could resonate with their individual lifestyles, personalities and aspirations. By building that bridge between consumers and influencers, TicToc Ventures will be able to maximize the potential of the influencers by turning their influence into tangible brands while creating a better shopping and social experience for the consumers.” comments Jeffery Wang, acting Managing Director and Co-Founder of TicToc Ventures.


“The social commerce model has gained momentum around the global market in recent years. Establishing your brand on new digital media is now the key first move to enter the market. TicToc Ventures offers end-to-end brand acceleration solutions and it presents an incredible opportunity for influencers. We strongly believe that TicToc Ventures is going to rapidly grow its portfolio and market share under Jeffery’s leadership.” comments Nicola Giglio, Founder & CEO at Belton.


“Influencer-driven brands are experiencing high growth in both China and the global market. As a result, a new commercial ecosystem and new business models are forming rapidly. TicToc Ventures presents Aventura’s investment in this fast-growing category and we are very excited to have Jeffery on board to head the business.” comments Gustav Astrom, CEO of Aventura.


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