Aventura Group launches Headway B2B to help international tech and B2B companies enter and expand in China via digital channels
November 5, 2021

Aventura Group is pleased to announce the spinout of Headway B2B – a “new generation” market expansion firm focused on B2B verticals.

Last year already, McKinsey estimated that 70 percent of all B2B purchasing decisions were influenced by digital channels. It found that 50 percent of B2B buyers prefer information delivered digitally before agreeing to an in-person sales meeting. This rapidly evolving landscape requires companies to adapt swiftly.


A marketing firm for a new generation of market entrants

Headway B2B is a market expansion firm leveraging digital channels to fuel the growth of tech and B2B companies in China. With core competences in digital marketing, online lead generation, CRM and online sales, Headway B2B drives digital marketing programs in a wide range of industry verticals to increase exposure and win new customers. Combined with capabilities in market intelligence, supply chain and recruitment, the firm also acts as a turnkey partner for new entrants looking to quickly set up and scale in China.


Marius Ohl, who has led the team from the firm’s inception and will continue to lead Headway B2B as Managing Director, comments: “We founded Headway B2B based on the recognition that many B2B firms were struggling to sustain growth due to tougher local competition and increasingly demanding customers. We help clients re-think their market approach and leapfrog their digital marketing strategies and adoption of new channels.”


Aventura Group’s CEO Gustav Astrom adds: “In 2020, China was the largest global destination for foreign direct investments. International industrial and tech companies continue to enter China in search of growth. Headway B2B is well positioned to become a preferred partner for small and medium sized B2B and tech companies to commercialize their offerings and technologies in China”.



Business inquiries: Marius Ohl, Managing Director | +86 187-1793-5404 | marius.ohl@headwayb2b.cn
Press inquiries: Viviane Zhu, Group Marketing Manager, | +86 138-1886-2751 | viviane.zhu@aventura.group


About Headway B2B
Headway B2B is a digital marketing company that fuels the growth of international tech and B2B-companies on the Chinese market. Headway B2B takes a full responsibility of commercialization and operations of the digital business in China through B2B and tech verticals. Headway B2B is a subsidiary to Aventura Group AB, listed on the Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.

For more information, please visit www.headwayb2b.com.


About Aventura
Aventura is a brand & e-commerce accelerator driving growth for both category leaders and niche international DTC-brands in the China consumer market. With decade-long brand building experience, we offer brand owners a holistic one-stop-shop growth solution that includes brand management, channel management, e-commerce operations (TP), logistics, marketing & branding and consumer intelligence & analytics services. We work with brands in diverse categories including fashion & accessories, beauty & skincare, health & wellness and home categories. Aventura is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. For more information, visit www.aventura.group.

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