Congratulations to Aarke for ranking #1 on T-Mall’s carbonator category within a few hours into the 618-shopping festival
June 1, 2022

Today the strict Covid-lockdown in Shanghai was lifted. This day was longed for, and the city is now slowly but surely returning to normal. Meanwhile, since 31st May, the “618”-shopping campaign has just started. The “618”-campaign (stands for 18th June) is the second-largest e-commerce shopping day in China—second only to Single’s Day (November 11). Many brands have therefore launched their sales campaigns on all major e-commerce platforms, including Tmall.

Aventura Group’s client, the premium carbonator brand Aarke, is amongst those brands. Only 4 hours into the campaign, we celebrate Aarke as the Top ranking brand in terms of sales in the carbonator category with a 116% growth compared to 2021. It is also the only brand of its category to have 4 products ranked within the carbonator category’s Top 10.

“We’re happy to have achieved this new record with Aarke shortly after expanding the scope of our partnership to new channels including offline. While online sales were impacted by the lockdown, Aarke maintains a strong performance, showing significant sales growth not just at the start of the 618-festival but also throughout April and May. We are confident to keep this trend going forward”, comments Ariel Tang, VP Sales & Marketing at Aventura Group.

It’s great news to hear that we are off to an excellent start to the 618-campaign with this achievement. It’s been a rough start to 2022 with the strict lockdowns in China but we are hopeful for a strong second half of 2022 with more exciting news on sales channel expansion and new product launches that provide the best sparkling water experience for the Chinese market, says Kaiwan Chu, Regional Director APAC at Aarke.

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