Aventura Group and Shekou, the fast-fashion challenger, signs supply-chain service contract
June 3, 2022

Aventura Group enters into a supply-chain service contract with Shekou Group (“Shekou”), a fast-growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand based in Hong Kong and New Zealand. 

On May 3rd, Aventura Group announced it had become a strategic owner in Shekou, the ultra-fast fashion challenger that bridges the gap between supply-chain advantage, brand equity and sustainability.

Following the equity partnership, the parties have now entered a supply-chain service contract, under which Aventura will serve as Shekou’s exclusive supply-chain agent, with focus on logistics in China.  

Shekou’s vision is to become a sustainable alternative in the cross-border “ultra-fast” fashion industry. With a design studio in New Zealand and production in China, Shekou sells directly to consumers globally through its own website. Target customers are Gen Z, who are not only social media savvy and hungry for edgy designs at reasonable prices, but also care about quality, transparency and sustainability.   

Founded in mid-2019, the company has witnessed rapid growth since Covid restrictions came into force in the beginning of 2020. With limited resources, Shekou has managed to build a large social media presence with 1.8 million engaged followers, especially on TikTok (1.3 million) and Instagram (534k). To date, Shekou’s products have been shipped to some 128,000 customers worldwide.

“This contract is yet another example of how our business model of entering equity partnerships with high potential D2C generates meaningful revenues while building long-term equity value for our partners and shareholders alike. We are delighted to be entrusted with the responsibility of ramping up Shekou’s supply chain and look forward to working closely with the Shekou founders in scaling their China business in the years ahead”, commented Gustav Astrom, CEO of Aventura. 

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