TicToc Ventures has reached an exclusive agreement with Angelene Sun to launch the first co-branded collection with Larsson & Jennings
October 13, 2021

This September, TicToc Ventures (TT Ventures AB) reached an agreement with Angelene Sun, Director of Business & Influencer in Residence at TicToc Ventures with over 350,000 followers in China, to launch Angelene’s first co-branded collection at the end of 2021. This is a step towards TicToc Ventures’ mission of helping influencers create co-branded products as well as personal brands.

The co-branding partner of Angelene’s first personal collection is Larsson & Jennings, world-renowned Swedish-British watch and jewelry brand. She is involved in the entire creative and go-to-market process, from product design, manufacturing to marketing and sales. This collaboration model ensures an authentic reflection of the KOL’s personal DNA as well as full exposure in the influencer circle. TicToc Ventures owns exclusive rights to the brand in the Chinese market as well as the right to design, produce and market new product collections. The cooperation also includes an option to incorporate a joint venture for China at a later stage.


“We are very much aware that in China, influencers have a growing power that’s become more present than ever in business. Every influencer has the potential of becoming a business owner in their own field and scale. However, we also know that influence is fleeting and unpredictable. The vision of TicToc Ventures is to grow with influencers so that personal influence can transcend and extend to independent brands and even large-scale enterprises. We hope that every influencer can have a true business partner to help them transform from the current brand cooperation model to a more independent and controllable ‘Influence to Commerce’ model. The cooperation between Angelene Sun and Larsson & Jennings is an important step to make this vision a reality.” comments Jeffery Wang, Co-founder & Managing Director at TicToc Ventures.


“Traditionally, only top-tier influencers and celebrities with millions of followers have the capability to create or co-create owned collections and brands in the market. As a KOL myself, in addition to sharing my thoughts, opinions, and experiences, I’ve been looking for ways to expand influence on the impact that is sustainable, tangible, and scalable. As the Influencer in Residence as well as the Director of Business, I deeply agree with TicToc Ventures’ vision of building the ITC (influencer-to-consumer) model as a go-to commercial approach for KOLs. I hope to set an example with my own case, and together with other KOLs, change the industry for the better.” comments Angelene Sun, Director of Business & Influencer in Residence at TicToc Ventures.



About Larsson & Jennings
Larsson & Jennings is a Swedish-British brand founded in 2012. With London as a base, the company sells exclusive own designed watches, jewelry, and sunglasses to men and women. By taking inspiration from both Sweden and the UK, the brand combines classic, timeless design with a sustainable approach. Presently the largest markets are the UK and US, and with the agreement with TicToc Ventures, the brand now enters China.

To learn more about Larsson & Jennings, please visit: www.larssonjennings.com

About Angelene Sun
Angelene Sun, also known by her social handle @安吉林Angelene, is a new generation Key Opinion Leader who is experiencing rapid growth and has gained a loyal following in the last one and a half years. With more than 350,000 followers across domestic social channels, she is equally committed to her influencer career as her more “traditional” full-time career in the fashion industry. She worked as a senior manager at the luxury fashion platform, Farfetch before joining TicToc Ventures.
To learn more about Angelene Sun, please search on Xiaohongshu/RED: 安吉林Angelene and LinkedIn: Angelene Sun


About TicToc Ventures

TicToc Ventures is a one-stop incubator and accelerator for influencer brands. The company aims to unleash the full market potential of influencers by helping them launch collections and brands under their own names, transforming influence to tangible and scalable impact. Having full access to Aventura’s and Belton’s resources and industry expertise, TicToc Ventures creates a sustainable growth model by providing influencers one-stop integrated services that include financial planning, business and brand strategies, product design and development, marketing and e-commerce, community strategy, supply chain management, customer support and logistics. To get more information about TicToc Ventures, please visit http://tictoc.ventures/


About Aventura

Aventura is a brand & e-commerce accelerator driving growth for both category leaders and niche international DTC-brands in the China consumer market. With decade-long brand building experience, we offer brand owners a holistic one-stop-shop growth solution that includes brand management, channel management, e-commerce operations (TP), logistics, marketing & branding and consumer intelligence & analytics services. We work with brands in diverse categories including fashion & accessories, beauty & skincare, health & wellness and home categories. Aventura is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. For more information, visit www.aventura.group.

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